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The Meta Health Podcast

Jun 21, 2023

The mental and metabolic impact of human beings predominantly or exclusively working from home has been profound. I've noticed significant increases in insulin resistant conditions including premature heart disease and a deterioration in mental health. All of these risks existed pre-pandemic, reflecting our modern digital lifestyles, but post-pandemic these risks have intensified to an even worse public health crisis. In this episode I cover some of the following:

  • Overall impact of WFH (work from home) on metabolic and emotional health
  • Evidence-based guidelines for MED (minimum effective dose) of daily walking steps and strength training minutes per week
  • MED for minutes of aerobic training with tips on improving adherence
  • Digging into the science of ZEF (Zoom Exhaustion Fatigue) based on Stanford University research
  • Impact of WFH on stress and sleep